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Few things you have to make sure before hiring them to get the best results. Make sure before hiring one that you are choosing a legitimate agency or if going for independent escort legitimacy is of utmost importance. Many a times there are fake agencies or fake profiles. They may send someoneelse. Send the above details at our Email

Everyone likes to be treated in a respectful manner irrespective of caste creed and colour. Same goes with these elegant ladies. Here are some dos and don’ts for making your meeting memorable and nice. Most of the persons always get confused that what should they wear to get matched equally to the current fashion as they do not get updated with the latest fashion or they do not get aware of that.

Let’s start from the very first point of contact. When you are going to contact these ladies make sure you are being respectful on the phone or email. Introduce yourself politely. Remember she is also a person and would feel happy knowing more about you than just your age height and colour. In this process of knowing each other read her website. And check if she has a guideline page. Read it well and also check how she will be accepting money.

When you reach the hotel or her apartment make sure you maintain her privacy. Don’t allow people to judge that you don’t know her. Behave like an old friend and help her maintain her privacy.

You should never force them to do anything which was not discussed prior. Do not rely much on the feedback as it may not be a reliable source. If you are hiring her for emotional support or for leisure travelling, you should never force her to share bed with you, until unless it is with mutual consent. So the best way is to do what has already been discussed before.

You should always try to take shower before meeting them or if you have not taken at least lie that you have taken shower. They are very particular about cleanliness. Any place you wish a mouth to go one clean those parts.

Always be prepared for intercourse. Always brush your teeth within 30 minutes of appointment and pour some scent to avoid bad breath. Bad breath is a turn off and these elite ladies may not like it that way. It can also hinder their performance which you will not want at all after investing so much money. The best gesture that impresses them is when you bring some food, good wine and flowers. This leaves a very nice impression on them. They love to be treated special and to win any heart flowers are the best gift. Make them feel special and they will bring the world down on your feet. Stay prepared for an awesome experience which you will never forget in your life time. Feel amaze in the company of high class escort.

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